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An Integrated
Group of Environmental
Service Companies


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Every Drop Counts

EDC Environmental Group of Companies Inc. (‘EDC’) is an integrated group of environmental services companies, founded on the principle that Every Drop Counts.   We believe that whether we are recovering valuable hydrocarbons, managing and recovering organic solvents, cleaning assets without consuming water or simply using less water, we are supporting industry in their effort to reduce their environmental impact.

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Clean Industrial Technologies inc.

Clean Industrial Technologies (“CLEAN”) is our water filtration company, managing and recovering industrial wastewater in a number of industries including oil and gas, mining and pulp and paper. By reducing and reusing water in industrial services, we are doing our part to manage the world’s most valuable resource.

Claytech Services inc.

Claytech Services Inc. provides world leading natural and engineered clay products and processes to remove emulsified oils, heavy metals, suspended solids, and other industrial contaminants from water and contaminated soils. By effectively managing waste streams, we are improving industries’ economics, operations, and environmental performance.